We’re delighted Mike Tabbert at Ironworks Golf Lab has decided to use Kinexit to help their members and clients grow their game.

Mike said this about the decision to use Kinexit:” My goal as an instructor is to help my students play better, shoot lower scores, and have more fun. My passion to grow the game of golf. I achieve results for my students by addressing their strengths and weaknesses and build a game plan to put them on a path of improvement. At Ironworks Golf Lab, we see a direct impact with our students focusing on the fitness component in their golf training. With Kinexit, we’re now integrating fitness into our lessons and in just 15 minutes we’re able to handover a personalized, and golf-specific, fitness program to our students. I can’t wait to see the effect this will have on my students’ golf game.”

Lori Gordon, Sr Account Executive and Health & Training Professional at Kinexit added:” As a Health & Training Professional, I’ve been working with 100’s of golfers over the past 15 years. I’ve seen first hand what impact regular and golf-specific fitness exercises have on how players develop. It’s really exciting to work with Mike and his team as they really wants to integrate this fitness into their lessons and grow their students’ game.”

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