Friday, October 26, 2018

Golf swing mechanics

Each golf swing is as unique as the player performing it. Humans tend to learn from those considered the best in their business by reading books, listening to podcasts or even watching them in action. In golf, we can all learn and improve by watching the pro’s swings. We can even copy parts of swings i.e. pre-shot-routine, take away the examples are endless. There is one important thing to consider before doing this: ‘Is my body able to get into the positions of the player I’m trying to copy?’

Your body is as unique as you are – and so is your swing. If our body is not able to get into the positions we want it to during the swing, we will be wasting time practicing moves which we will never be able to execute successfully. Therefore, you should focus more on golf fitness, especially during the off-season, to enjoy playing golf more. Golf is more fun when you hit longer drives, improve your score and play more, right. At Kinexit we call it Train Better, Play More.

Develop a swing and strategy to reduce risks
Many golfers believe there is a perfect swing – and there might be a perfect swing for each player. However, the golf swing is affected by so many factors such as your body, your mind and outside factors like the weather, playing under pressure (competition). To improve consistency, a golfer should develop a simpler swing but also have a ‘go-to-shot’ which can be used when everything else isn’t working out or when you’re playing under pressure and all you want to do is minimize risk. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect – but it reduces risk and minimize the likelihood of errors. This strategy will help you:

  • Have more consistent scores
  • Play much better golf
  • Turn a potentially poor round into a good one

Focus on the things you can change and have an impact on.
Stop trying to build the perfect swing and start building the swing which is perfect for you. See a teaching professional and let them help you identify your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Decide on a plan to improve your weaknesses to grow your golf game. Kinexit is a proven solution to improve golfers’ fitness levels helping them play more, gain distance and lower their scores. Want to learn how you can you can benefit from golf fitness? Click on the link below to learn more and sign up for your free 14-day no strings attached trial.

Make your move today!

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