Why winter is a great time to get ahead with your golf game

Winter is coming and soon many places will have snow. You will be wearing several layers of clothes to keep warm – golf is not going to as much fun as it was during the summer. Take the opportunity and

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Integrating fitness into the golf lesson

For many teaching professionals, the traditional golf lesson looks something like this. We start by asking the golfer to hit a few shots to evaluate stance, posture, grip, and swing. We know the golf swing consists of many components and

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How to change your golf swing instantly

We hear this all the time, “I’m trying to do “X” in my swing. I just can’t seem to do it.” Sound familiar? Due to restrictions and lack of flexibility and strengths, our bodies aren’t always able to do the

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Golf swing mechanics

Each golf swing is as unique as the player performing it. Humans tend to learn from those considered the best in their business by reading books, listening to podcasts or even watching them in action. In golf, we can all

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Train better. Play more. – Kinexit explained

A lot of golfers have been asking us what we mean by ‘Train better. Play more.’ This blog post will explain the thinking and logic behind the exercises included in Kinexit. We believe in doing exercises which are right for

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Simple steps to the perfect golf warm up routine

A proper warm-up is essential for peak performance in every sport. Look at any professional sporting event and you’ll see athletes going through a pre-game warm-up. Pro golfers do this too. Before tour professionals’ step onto the first tee they are

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Is your warmup costing you strokes?

Do you find you are frequently making mistakes at the beginning of your round? There’s could be an obvious reason why – you’re simply not ready to play. So, what’s missing? It’s always surprising how few people warm up before

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Hacking your golf swing

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have proved that athleticism and golf go hand-in-hand. Now, everyone from PGA pros to weekend hackers knows that in order to lower your score, you need to get in improve your golf fitness.

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