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Kinexit: Enabling Golf Professionals and Businesses To Grow and Prosper

Plane and Simple Golf School in Columbus, IN, to use Kinexit for golf-specific fitness

This week, Jeff Smith of Plane and Simple Golf School, completed his Kinexit Certification. We are looking forward to working with him and his golf students to improve their fitness to grow their golf game. Jeff said this about working

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David Leet & Falsterbo Golfklubb to use Kinexit

We’re excited to bring David Leet and his team onboard as Kinexit client this week. We’ve worked with David on other projects in the past and are humbled he is trusting us to support him once again. As a TPI

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Viksjö Golfklubb to use Kinexit for golf-specific fitness

Kinexit is delighted Per Johansson at Viksjö Golfklubb has decided to work with Kinexit to offer personalized and golf-specific fitness programs to their members. Per said this about the prospect of using Kinexit:” As a team, we’ve been using more

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Lidingö Golf Academy to use Kinexit

We’re thrilled the coaching team at Lidingö Golf Academy has decided to use Kinexit to give their golfers personalized and golf-specific fitness exercises to grow their game. We recently spent an Evening with Magnus Ekman and two groups of their

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William Monier to focus on golf-specific fitness with Kinexit

At Kinexit, we’re excited that William Monier, Head PGA Professional at Bråvikens Golfklubb, has decided to use Kinexit as a tool to help grow his members’ golf game. William said this about using Kinexit:” My focus with my golf students

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Saratoga National Golf Club to use Kinexit

We’re excited to announce Saratoga National Golf Club has decided to use Kinexit. The teaching team will start offering personalized and golf-specific exercise programs to their members in the next few weeks. This initiative will improve members’ mobility, strength, and

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Östersund-Frösö Golf Academy chooses Kinexit for golf-specific fitness

Earlier this week, Göran Knutsson, Head PGA Professional, at Östersund-Fröso Golf Academy decided to use Kinexit to help his golf students develop the physical aspect of their game. Göran said this about the decision:” We live in a part of

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Michael Lundbäck and Wäsby Golf signs with Kinexit

We are proud to announce Wäsby Golf has decided to use Kinexit for golf-specific exercises for their members. During a recent meeting with Michael Lundbäck, Head PGA Professional at Wäsby Golf he said:” We’re always looking for new ways to

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