We strongly believe all athletes and leisurely sports enthusiasts will enjoy their sport much more if their body is prepared to endure the physical aspects involved. Our philosophy is to integrate fitness exercises into your training, and into your every day life. Everyone can schedule 15 minutes (30 minutes is better) 3 times per week to do exercises which will make them fitter, stronger, and above all – make you move better. We call it Train Better. Play More.

Reason #1 – making it personal

As a PGA teacher or coach, have you ever been frustrated by the lack of improvement with your students due to physical restrictions and pain? There are a lot of generic exercises out there in fitness magazines and smartphone apps. Most of them are good, but they are not personal to the user. With Kinexit, PGA Professionals can easily screen users and handover a personalized exercise program to their client. The result of the screening is the foundation of each user’s exercise program as Kinexit will match the current mobility to exercises which will help improve range of motion, strength, and stability. Users are encouraged to take the screening every 5-6 weeks to ensure the level of exercises in their program match how they have improved over time.

Reason #2 – make fitness exercises simple and efficient

Spending time in the gym is a good way to improve your fitness and live a healthy life. However, we don’t believe in spending countless hours in the gym with limited results and improvement. A personalized program with the right exercises is the key to unlocking our physical potential. We recently surveyed 500 Kinexit users over a 12-month period. The results were amazing. Most people will improve their fitness and range of motion significantly by working out as little as 15 minutes 3 times per week. The improved fitness levels resulted in more rounds of golf played, increased swing speed and gained distance.

Reason #3 – stay engaged with your clients

Studies have shown individuals are more likely to train more often when using an app where they can interact with others and their coach or trainer. The Kinexit Coach Dashboard allows you to follow your clients training and development as well as interacting with them via our chat function. You can encourage, applaud, and remind them of training sessions as well as send personal videos either as a follow up from the latest lesson with key thing to focus on or general tips you want to communicate to them. This is premium content for your clients which they can’t access on your public social media profiles.

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