Why networking and industry events are so important

Networking and socializing with peers and colleagues have always been a great way of driving success in business. This is why the new tradeshow in the golf industry in the Nordics, ‘Golfens Nordiska Mötesplats’ hosted by Golf and Companies is an important

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Meet us at Golfens Nordiska Mötesplats in Malmö

We’re excited to showcase Kinexit at next week’s ‘Golfens Nordiska Mötesplats’ in Malmö, Sweden.  Golf fitness has become an essential factor for serious golfers wanting to improve their game. More and more teaching professionals and coaches alike are realizing the

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Kinexit’s Video Training Hub is now LIVE!!

Kinexit’s Video Training Hub for Kinexit Certified Coaches is now LIVE!! You will find tutorials on anything from managing memberships to how to guide your students through the Kinexit Screening. We will be adding more videos in the coming weeks

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Three questions for Kinexit CEO, Chris Mansson

Why is fitness necessary for golfers? Fitness, and specifically mobility, is vital for all of us, not just golfers. When it comes to golfers, the fitness level determines whether they will reach their full potential, whether they will improve and

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Workshop on golf-specific fitness at The Dunes Club, SC

Kinexit and The Carolinas PGA Section hosted a workshop about ‘How fitness impacts the golf swing – helping golfers to train better to play more’ at The Dunes Club, Myrtle Beach, SC. Chris Mansson, Kinexit CEO, said this about the

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Mobility, Power, Speed and Endurance Testing with Viksjö Golf Academy

This week we spent an Afternoon at Viksjö Golfklubb. We helped the coaching team, Per Johansson and Therese Larsson, take 10 of their talented junior golfers from their Golf Academy through all of Kinexit’s fitness test. Per said this of

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Educational workshops in North Carolina

In a more and more digital world, we all need to cherish the personal meetings to build relationships, learn from each other, and get to know each other better. In June, Rick Murphy, PGA, and Certified Kinexit Professional, along with

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Plane and Simple Golf School in Columbus, IN, to use Kinexit for golf-specific fitness

This week, Jeff Smith of Plane and Simple Golf School, completed his Kinexit Certification. We are looking forward to working with him and his golf students to improve their fitness to grow their golf game. Jeff said this about working

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